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    I believe in love. I believe in being present for your life. I believe in romance and love that lasts a lifetime. I believe that Starbucks should offer Toasted Graham Lattes all year. I believe my daughter is amazing. I believe in Tuesday night date nights with my dad. I believe there isn't much that prayer, a good workout or a cheeseburger can't fix. I believe that dresses and skirts with pockets are the best ever. I believe in being friends with my brides. I believe all dogs go to Heaven. I believe in having Thanksgiving dinner more than once a year. I believe in jumping up and down when I love an image I see on the back of my camera.
    I believe that every couple has a love story. ...I can't believe I am lucky enough to tell them.

Jen + Jason: Engagement Session

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is watching how two people love each other.  Not everyone is the same.  Some couples are publicly affectionate.  Some just like to be touching in some way.  Some feel a sense of closeness with a simple glance.  As a photographer, I am passionate about finding the way that two people show their love and documenting it accordingly.

Jen is beautiful, outgoing, radiant.  Jason is calm, quiet, and handsome.  And they are an example of my most favorite kind of love.  Upon meeting Jason, you encounter a polite, yet somewhat shy gentleman…then you get him right up next to Jen and this whole other man comes out!  He is smiling, laughing, kissing, basically posing himself!  …all because of this beautiful woman.  I LOVE IT and I couldn’t be happier to be their wedding photographer!  We spent the evening at Catalina State Park for their engagement session!  Enjoy!

J + J, I am so excited for your wedding in November!  I can’t wait to keep telling your story!





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Emily + Noah: Romantic Backyard Wedding

When I first stepped into Noah’s parents’ backyard, I felt like  I was entering a dreamworld!  The trees, grass, vines, brick, and wood (created/designed by Noah’s father) combined with all of the beautiful, elegant wedding details, made the entire scene feel surreal.  Emily conveyed, very early on, how important tradition and family are to her and Noah.  This was evident in the way that they showed such love and appreciation for their parents, grandmothers and all of the children at the wedding.  Although it was their wedding day, they made everyone else feel special.

Emily was absolutely radiant and I caught Noah staring at her on and on throughout the night.  One of my favorite images from the wedding was taken during their first dance as he just beamed at her.  My hope for you, Emily and Noah, is that the love that everyone could see in your eyes that day, carries on throughout your entire lives together.  Thank you for allowing me and Ashley to be a part of your love story.  We were honored.

Emily and Noah, I wish you a lifetime of tradition, family and happiness!





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Laurel + Kale: Hacienda Del Sol Wedding

The night I met Laurel was one of the worst nights ever.  My dog had just had a Vestibular Disease spell and I was scared, shaken up and so sad.  When I talked to her and her mom, they were so warm and kind.  They told me they understood because they know how special dogs are -part of the family- and that was when I knew that I loved Laurel (my brides love their pets like children) and needed her to be one of my brides!  Up until the wedding day I had not met her fiance, Kale.  Once I did, it took about 35 seconds to realize why Laurel loves him.  He’s a true gentleman and loves her with a tender passion.  One of my favorite things about Laurel and Kale’s wedding was hearing other people talk about them.  From their friends, to their parents, everyone had such genuine compliments to pay.  Laurel and Kale, you are everything everyone said and more.  Thank you for sharing such a holy, special day with me and Ashley!  We were grateful to be part of something so magical.

L + K, I am sending you so much love and all the best!






Venue: Hacienda del Sol Guest Ranch Resort
Coordinator at Hacienda: Joelle Fegan
Flowers: Posh Petals
Music: Hans Hutchison
Cake: Village Bakehouse
Hair and makeup: Margarita GoDiva/I Do Hair & Make Up Artistry


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Laura + Justin: Maternity Session

Laura and Justin will always be some of my favorites.  From the moment I met them, I knew that they would be special to me.  I shot their engagement and wedding day.  They are two of the most genuine people you will ever meet.  I was so so excited the day that Laura text me showing me a sonogram photo because I knew what amazing parents they would be.  Justin’s innate sense of adventure and curiosity, coupled with Laura’s gentle love and adoration would make that baby so lucky.  I was so thankful that they asked me to document the next chapter in their love story.


Laura and Justin, thank yo for choosing me to be a part of all of your milestones.  I have fallen in love with you and your family.  I cannot wait to meet sweet Evelynn!



Kris + Josh: Tubac Golf Resort Wedding

Kristin and Josh are two of my favorite people and I am so happy that I was their wedding photographer.  They both come from amazing families who made me, and my second shooter, (the amazing) Ashley Jennings, feel like we were part of their crew.  It’s safe to say that I love everything about these two, but if I had to pick a favorite, my mama heart says that the way in which Josh loves Kris and her daughter Addison would be it.  His heart is so pure and kind and you can tell when he looks at those two girls that he is completely in love.

Kris and Josh got married at the Tubac Golf Resort where Debi and her team always put on the best events.  Every detail was perfect and the entire day felt like a scene from a love story.

Kris and Josh, thank you for choosing me to be a part of your day!  I wish you both, and Addison, happily every after!





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