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Jen + Jason: Engagement Session

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is watching how two people love each other.  Not everyone is the same.  Some couples are publicly affectionate.  Some just like to be touching in some way.  Some feel a sense of closeness with a simple glance.  As a photographer, I am passionate about finding the way that two people show their love and documenting it accordingly.

Jen is beautiful, outgoing, radiant.  Jason is calm, quiet, and handsome.  And they are an example of my most favorite kind of love.  Upon meeting Jason, you encounter a polite, yet somewhat shy gentleman…then you get him right up next to Jen and this whole other man comes out!  He is smiling, laughing, kissing, basically posing himself!  …all because of this beautiful woman.  I LOVE IT and I couldn’t be happier to be their wedding photographer!  We spent the evening at Catalina State Park for their engagement session!  Enjoy!

J + J, I am so excited for your wedding in November!  I can’t wait to keep telling your story!





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