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    I believe in love. I believe in being present for your life. I believe in romance and love that lasts a lifetime. I believe that Starbucks should offer Toasted Graham Lattes all year. I believe my daughter is amazing. I believe in Tuesday night date nights with my dad. I believe there isn't much that prayer, a good workout or a cheeseburger can't fix. I believe that dresses and skirts with pockets are the best ever. I believe in being friends with my brides. I believe all dogs go to Heaven. I believe in having Thanksgiving dinner more than once a year. I believe in jumping up and down when I love an image I see on the back of my camera.
    I believe that every couple has a love story. ...I can't believe I am lucky enough to tell them.

Kyla + Tyler: Reflections at the Buttes wedding

Their story is not unlike others.  They met in college, fell in love, and now they’re married.  If you just hear the story, it sounds like so many others…BUT when you see them, when you meet Tyler and Kyla, when you see how he looks at her and you see how she blushes, you can tell that they are so madly in love that no matter how they met, no matter how they fell in love, their love story will span a lifetime.

Tyler and Kyla tied the knot at the beautiful Reflections at the Buttes in Oro Valley, AZ.  Debi and her staff at Reflections always do an amazing job.  Tyler and Kyla’s elegant, Southern vintage style was embedded in all of their details and the entire day was flawless.  Enjoy!

buy cheap designer prom dresses 2016 at queenofvictoriabeautiful lace wedding dresses shop brand new designer wedding dresses 2016 at queenofvictoria.combridesmaid dresses UKTyler and Kyla, thank you for sharing your amazing day with me.  Best of luck in Texas!





I have to extend a special thanks to my amazing second shooter, Haylea Rossi!  She’s amazing and I loved working with her!


Photographer:  Anita Shay Photography // Second shooter:  Haylea Rossi // Venue: Reflections at the Buttes //Cake:  Village Bakehouse // Flowers:  Kimberly Neal// Bride’s dress: Lunss// Groom’s attire:  Men’s Warehouse


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December 8, 2015 - 4:30 am

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Weekend Recap

Happy Monday friends!  Here’s a little Monday inspiration for you.


This weekend was so much fun!  Here is a full recap, including the details of my Sunday Funday.


Friday was awesome!  Kyla and Tyler got married and it was BEAUTIFUL.  Luckily the rain held off for a while and we were able to grab some pretty, pretty pictures.  More of their wedding will be hitting the blog this week!




We spent the earlier part of the day at the pumpkin patch!  Ava ziplined, jumped on an air pillow, rode the train, shot apples out of a cannon and cheered on the orange pig at the pig races.  We had such s good time together!

Last week Ava decided to be a witch for Halloween and we had a little bit of fun with her makeup!  She was a super polite trick or treater and even wished our neighbors a Happy Halloween!  Proud mama!  Oh and I got to wear my favorite skull tights.


Sunday (Funday)

On Sunday we woke up early and went fishing.  I caught a little blue gill…and when I say caught I mean I hooked it in the eye.  Don’t worry, I apologized and threw it back in.  My dad caught a HUGE catfish!  It was so fun to watch him reel it in, especially not knowing what it was or if it would snap his line.  Not so much fun watching it get filleted later that day.


I finally saw Pitch Perfect 2.  How can I be Anna Kendrick’s best friend in real life?

And now, for my favorite part of Sunday…

I am literally terrible at surprises.  I get too excited and I almost always spoil them somehow.  About a month ago I bought my dad and I tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera tonight.  You guys!!  I kept it a surprise until yesterday!!  He was very excited and we had an amazing daddy-daughter date night!  I also let him know that he can look forward to me singing in an operatic voice every time I talk to him this week.


Last, but definitely not least, I watched the Royals win the World Series.  In 12 innings.  Way past my bedtime.  And then I sang the Lorde song.

So here is my question for the POTO fans…Team Phantom or Team Raoul?


Andrew + Taylor: Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch Wedding

Andrew and Taylor.  The best way I can describe these two is that she is Cinderella and he is her Prince Charming.  …I mean, so much so that one of the little boys at their wedding was convinced that Taylor actually was a princess!!  He stared at her in awe.  And so did Andrew. Taylor is radiant, joyful and beautiful and Andrew compliments her perfectly.  He is kind and protective and loving.  Together, they are nothing short of magical.  A Disney themed wedding at the beautiful Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch was perfectly “them”.  The wedding dress, the colors and and details all came together in a way that made all of their guests feel like they were part of a fairytale.

I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to express my love and gratitude toward Taylor and her mom, Kim.  When I first met with Taylor, she was accompanied by her mom and Andrew’s mom.  We talked about the wedding, our families, our dogs and photography.  It didn’t feel a client meeting AT ALL.  I felt like I was hanging out with my family!  I LOVE mother-daughter relationships and I could tell Taylor and Kim’s bond was super strong.  At the very end of our meeting, they came back to me and handed me a cookie.  “This is for Ava,” they said.  And with those 4 words, I fell in love with them.

I started following Taylor on Facebook and I was able to see how close she and Kim are.  I love their selfies.  I love their relationship.  I love their love.  Shortly after they booked with me, my dog was having surgery.  Taylor text me and told me that they had been thinking about us and hoped it went well.  My heart was full and I was so thankful for Taylor and Andrew, and their families.  They’ve treated me like family from the beginning and were so kind and sweet throughout the wedding day.  They’ve been a true blessing to my life.  For me, photography is not just about pictures.  It’s about relationships with people.  I hope my relationship with these families last forever.
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Andrew bought Taylor a gun as their wedding gift.  Isn’t it awesome!?



This is one of my favorite quotes of ever.


Taylor and Andrew, thank you for sharing your lives, your magical day and your fairytale love story with me.  I wish you all the best and happily ever after.





December 11, 2015 - 4:07 am

Tuesday Top 5: The Top 5 Reasons I Love My Brides » My Blog - […] on social media.  They go above and beyond to show their love to me and my family.  For example, Taylor and her mom bought me a cookie to take home to Ava after our initial meeting and then text me […]

Jessyca Sunrise Session

“I believe in God like I believe in the sunrise. Not because I can see it, but because I can see all that it touches.”  ~C.S. Lewis

I swear some of my favorite ideas happen so randomly and at the least convenient times.  Like in the shower.  Or in the bathroom. Or while I am driving.  Or when someone else is talking.  The list goes on.  Anyway, I started thinking about how I wanted to do a session at sunrise.  About 15 later I was texting a client who I had done a shoot for at the beginning of summer and I sent, “What are you doing tomorrow at the crack of dawn??  Wanna model for me?” I explained that it would be at 5am…in the desert…and she had to wear a vintage lace dress I ordered on Poshmark.  And she still said yes!!!  I felt like I proposed.  I was so excited.  We spent about an hour in the desert at dawn and I loved every minute.  Jessyca, thank you for waking up before the sun, braving the potential for snakes, wearing my smelly old lady dress and trusting my random, crazy vision.  You made it come alive and my soul is grateful.

AHHHH, you guys! I am so excited to share this session with you.

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Sometimes I just love a moody black and white.  This will always be one of my favorites.

Jessyca, you are gorgeous!!

Giiiiiiiirl, you can model for me ANY day.  Look at this girl!!

Oh, sunrise, you little devil.  You are magical.

I love some sweet yummy, sunlight.  

I’ll end with my favorite image of the morning.  It’s my favorite because it shows that sweet little bump.  Congrats to Jessyca and her husband, Conor on the upcoming arrival of a sweet baby girl!

I hope you enjoyed this session.  If you’d like to book a sunrise session, shoot me an email!  Happy Sunday!



Alyssa: University of Arizona Senior Portrait Session

I am so excited to share this senior portrait session today!  Alyssa is graduating from the University of Arizona in December.  She is one of the most dedicated, driven people I have ever met.  Between completing her Bachelor’s degree in three and half years, working 3 jobs and completing 28 credit hours in one semester, this girl is amazing!  When I asked what her plan was after graduation, she replied, “Hopefully get a job, move to Maui and save the ocean.”  Yes.  All of that.  Yes!
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Alyssa, thank you for hanging out around campus, sharing stories about our dogs and families.  I can only imagine how proud your parents must be!  I hope my daughter turns out like you.  You are an amazing girl and I can’t wait to see how all of your hard work pays off!